Our Mission

The mission of Advanced Behavior Consultants is to provide our clients with the skills to enjoy an independent and fulfilling life filled with meaningful relationships.

We apply the most effective techniques from the latest research in our clients’ homes, communities and schools. We emphasize parental involvement in treatment and the importance of collaboration and coordinated care across all therapies and settings.

About Us

We provide individualized Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for children and young adults with autism across the spectrum by using the latest research to inform therapy procedures and providing high-quality, ongoing training to our behavior therapists.

High Quality Supervision

Intensive initial and ongoing, training is provided for our RBTs to refine and maintain their skills. Additionally, RBTs earn a bonus hourly pay rate calculated monthly based on the quality of their performance. Supervising BCBAs provide the RBTs with weekly feedback using an observation checklist to help them prepare for a monthly video submission of their performance which is reviewed by the leadership team. This high-expectation, high-pressure environment is attractive only to those RBTs with a strong drive to learn to be the best therapist possible. RBTs receive additional support during our weekly clinical review meetings where they can ask more in-depth questions of BCBAs in a distraction-free environment and where they can role-play scenarios to sharpen their skills.


  1. Collaboration: isessential to ensure social validity, consideration of practical constraints, unique variables important for success and buy-in from those implementing the plan.
  2. Generalization: Behavior change is not considered to be successful until it has generalized to the natural environment. Generalization will be programmed for all target behaviors by incorporating a generalization criterion into the terminal goal and behavior intervention plan procedures. Natural reinforcement will be emphasized where ever possible to facilitate generalization.​
  3. Learn to Learn: Areas of responding that increase the client’s ability to learn in the natural environment, outside of therapy are emphasized.
  4. Parent Training: Parents are regarded as the most important member of the therapy team for achieving lasting progress with the client. Parents are trained on procedures tailored for them to implement outside of therapy sessions with the BA.
  5. Evidence-Based: Advances in ABA therapy are continually generated by ongoing research. Behavior analysts will evaluate newly published research to ensure that, if a new development would be therapeutically relevant to your child and his/her situation, it will be incorporated into the client’s behavior intervention plan.
  6. Pragmatic: While certain philosophies and approaches may be emphasized, recommendations are ultimately guided by what works best as is evidenced by the individual client’s data.
  7. Emphasis on the Family: We are concerned with the welfare of the entire family, not just the client.


"We have an amazingly bright 4 year old who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 2. This was completely new to us, we had no idea what Autism or ABA Therapy was.Read More

Our Mission

The mission of Advanced Behavior Consultants is to provide our clients with the skills to enjoy an independent and fulfilling life filled
Read More