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Parent Portal

In order to provide our parents with the best services possible while remaining compliant with HIPAA, we have contracted with Central Reach. This allows our parents to:

  • View your therapist’s schedule and request an appointment. This is particularly helpful if you need to reschedule one of your regular appointments.
  • Enter data that you are collecting for your therapist outside of sessions.
  • View clinical documents such as your current Behavior Support Plan or the most recent Progress Report.
  • Pay your copay.
Central Reach Login


"We have an amazingly bright 4 year old who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 2. This was completely new to us, we had no idea what Autism or ABA Therapy was.Read More

Our Mission

The mission of Advanced Behavior Consultants is to provide our clients with the skills to enjoy an independent and fulfilling life filled
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