We would do anything to understand and get help for Jayson. He wouldn't speak and started with sign language for please, and more, Jayson also had sensory and behavioral issues. At one point he would only eat gold fish and chips. Curtis Harris, Director of Advanced Behavior Consultants, helped us to understand and problem solve when he wasn't around.

Today Jayson is starting to speak in sentences, he enjoys learning and writing words. His teacher has seen a positive difference in his behaviors from last school year to this one. Curtis Harris is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his clients. Jayson now works with Brian Pinardi and continues to improve every week. Thank you for the hope you have given us, and the patience you have with our son, your hard work hasn't gone unnoticed."

"Our son Andrew is14 years old and such a joy to us! He has Down Syndrome and Autism. He is nonverbal, has sensory issues, and some pain issues, and has struggled with various behaviors. From the first time he began working with us, we could see Curtis Harris, Director of Advanced Behavior Consultants, was calm, professional and honest with a determination I respected.

​​I was not only impressed by his knowledge in this field but also his prior experience. He cares for those he works with, this was obvious. With observation, wisdom, and hard work he tackled so many things head on and gave us more than one plan of action. I am a mom who loves her son, Curtis is a professional with knowledge and a gift to help those, like my son, with their problems, no matter how serious they may be."

Dawn Ligon, mother of two children, one of whom has Down Syndrome & Autism (April 2011)

"I have a 16 year old son diagnosed under the Autism Spectrum and Bipolar. When I first met Curtis Harris, Director of Advanced Behavior Consultants, I wasn't familiar with ABA therapy and how it could benefit my son. My son had many sensory issues, behavioral, anger and social issues, which prevented him from participating in many activities, including public schools. My son is very selective of who he meets and will not take interest in just anyone, but Curtis turned that around.

Immediately after our first meeting with Curtis, my husband and I were presented with a plan of action. Curtis showed a tremendous amount of professionalism and concern for our son’s needs. After a few weeks of following Curtis’s plan, I began noticing a difference in my son. He was less agitated, more social, and showed a sense of pride within himself. My husband and I knew that in order to meet his needs, we needed to follow and trust Curtis’s plan.

Currently, my son is now transitioning from private school to public school. I don’t know what I would have done without Curtis. I realize we still have more work to do, but I am more confident with my son and so happy to see him grow more and more every day. Thank you Mr. Curtis!"

Mr. and Mrs. Alvarez, parents of 2 children, one of whom has Autism (August 2012)


"We have an amazingly bright 4 year old who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 2. This was completely new to us, we had no idea what Autism or ABA Therapy was.Read More

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