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Enhancing your loved ones’ quality of life as early as possible.

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Early intervention program can help toddlers overcome their autism symptoms before entering grade school. This way, children will be able to improve their emotional, behavioral, and learning skills. At ABC, we strive to give your little ones the benefits our program has to offer.


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  • Language skills
  • Social skills
  • Self-care (including toilet training)
  • Physically aggressive and verbally disruptive behaviors
  • Problem transitioning between activities
  • Problem behaviors in the community
  • Compliance during doctor/dentist/haircut appointments
  • Food selectivity
  • Safety at home and in the community (“stranger danger”, crossing street etc.)
  • Problem behaviors in the classroom
  • Sleeping in own bed
  • Repetitive behaviors (hand flapping, rocking etc.)
  • Self-Injurious Behavior


  • 20 – 40 hours of in-home therapy per week.
  • Weekly social group in the community.
  • When challenging behaviors occur in the community, the behavior technician will work with your child in the situation that you are having problems with.
  • Parents receive an individualized plan for developing the desired skills and decreasing challenging behaviors.
  • Parents receive ongoing training during weekly parent coaching meetings.