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Improving your loved one’s quality of life.

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At this age, children will more likely to experience various changes at school. Although we understand that there is no cure for autism yet we endeavor to give them early intervention to fully enhance your loved ones’ potential of achieving their goals, preparing them for the next steps toward their dreams.


  • Weekly social group outings such as making movies, going out to eat, airsoft, bowling and cooking a meal.
  • Parents receive an individualized plan for developing the desired skills and decreasing challenging behaviors.
  • Parents receive ongoing training during weekly parent coaching meetings.
  • The behavior analyst will work directly with the student to model strategies for parents.
  • When intensive 1:1 training is required for skill acquisition, a behavior technician is assigned for regular sessions.

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  • Transitioning to middle school/high school
  • Preparing for the transition after high school
  • Addressing changes to the body during adolescence
  • Organization skills for school
  • Money management
  • Difficulty developing and maintaining friendships
  • Conflict and noncompliance at home
  • Aggression towards self and others
  • Narrow interests
  • Conversation skill deficits
  • Anxiety in social situations
  • Self-injurious behavior